January 2021

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Tips to Find A Good Poker Coach

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When you start developing an interest in free poker games and decide on getting professional coaching to pursue a second career in poker, you need to make a series of good decisions. Poker is easy to learn, but you need to grow your skills to compete against better players continuously. You cannot stop with a single strategy as every new game will expect something new from you. You can find a poker coach who can train you in every step of your career and offer you the right advice. In order to find the right poker coach, there are a few things you must keep in mind.

Understand your requirement

You must first make sure what type of coach you expect for your poker career. Do you want to learn poker from scratch or jump into developing professional skills and management? Access your requirements and look for a coach who can fulfill them. You also need to find out if the coach plays the same game as you. Consider joining a gaming community to take suggestions from other players for a good poker coach.

Take the first session

Before you select your coach, ask for a free session to learn whether you are compatible with their teaching style. Mention the areas that you need to cover in poker and find out how good they are in giving you directions. Instead of accepting everything they say, be open to ask doubts and question their style. A good coach will always be able to tell you why their style of poker is better than others.


Ask for the fees

Learn about the fee and period of coaching offered by the coach you prefer. Learn about the entire course and the topics they will cover during the coaching. Find out if you will be receiving guidebooks or just learn things practically.

Plan your schedule

If you are planning to receive online coaching, find out the most compatible time for you and your coach. Sometimes, getting coaching from a coach from another country can create problems in coaching due to time differences. Make sure there will be no time problems between you and the coach because of time.

Check for reviews

If the poker coach has their own website, learn about their past experiences with other players through the review section. Try to get in touch with their previous students and find out how they felt after finishing their course. Also, try to request your coach’s portfolio to learn about their experience in gaming and how successful their strategies have been.

Join a community anyway

While you take lessons from your coach, you can learn a lot more by joining a community of poker players. There, you can raise questions and find different poker players from all levels answering your questions. While your coach teaches you to create strategies, these online gaming communities can keep you updated with the latest news in the poker world.